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Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Case Study: MVCDC's rebrand

Miami Valley Child Development Centers Partners since 2019


Miami Valley Child Development Centers (MVCDC), the largest Head Start agency in southwest Ohio, sought a brand transformation to better reflect its vibrant and diverse culture, aligning it with the organization's focus on children and families. This rebranding endeavor was entrusted to our team, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of MVCDC's identity.


MVCDC's existing brand no longer resonated with the energetic ethos of the organization, prompting the need for a rejuvenated image. The challenge was to capture the dynamism of MVCDC's culture through a fresh visual identity.


Our journey towards revitalizing MVCDC's brand commenced with the creation of a new logo, the cornerstone of any rebranding initiative. This creative process was initiated with a robust brainstorming session that involved the generation of a comprehensive word list and a series of thumbnail sketches.

These sketches formed the basis of our exploration, with over 20 initial concepts generated. From this pool, we carefully selected the most promising ideas, approximately 5-8, to be digitally refined. These refined drafts were then presented to MVCDC for their initial input.

A collaborative exchange ensued, as we engaged in a constructive dialogue with the MVCDC team. This dialogue was instrumental in honing in on a logo design that authentically encapsulated the organization's energy, values, and mission.

Upon finalizing the logo, the path to developing other branding materials became clear and exciting. This included the creation of captivating outdoor signs, eye-catching vehicle wraps, and engaging window graphics. Our strategy revolved around the use of vivid, bold colors and dynamic imagery to transform MVCDC's brand from ordinary to extraordinary, all with the aim of capturing the attention of both current and prospective stakeholders.


MVCDC's receptivity to our creative ideas streamlined the project, making it an exceptionally smooth and rewarding endeavor. The organization's clarity of vision and open collaboration allowed us to deliver results that met their exact needs and aspirations. This project serves as a shining example of successful brand revitalization, and we are delighted to have played a pivotal role in reshaping MVCDC's identity to reflect its vibrant culture and mission more accurately.

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