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Updated: Aug 31

Case Study: On Purpose Academy's new website

Partners since 2021 Objective

Redesign On Purpose Academy’s website and making pixels pop.


Keeping the user experience in mind as well as mobile responsiveness, the main goal of OPA’s new website was to attract and help retain students and families involvement in the programs they provide.


Before OPA’s website redesign began, we gave them a fresh take on their overall branding. Once that step was complete, the focus turned to their digital presence. With the new brand standards as a guide, we met to nail down the key information that needed to be highlighted and represented on their website.

Each page of the website was laid out as a wireframe and mockup to showcase the new look. The development of each page began, keeping in mind how users would interact with the content, navigate through the site, and find the pertinent information they came to the site to find.

The new website was ready to launch and exemplified OPA’s updated branding to a T. They were so excited about this new update and felt it truly represents who they are and what they do for their community!


OPA was excited to collaborate on making their new website design come to life! They provided us with the necessary information that was needed to make this update, and trusted us to do our job to come up with a one-of-a-kind design. In the end, OPA was thrilled with what we came up with together.

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