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Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Case Study: OHSAI's social media

Ohio Head Start Association Partners since 2021


Enhance the Ohio Head Start Association's social media presence and engagement for greater community impact.


Ohio Head Start Association (OHSAI), a formidable leader in the world of Head Start, acknowledged the necessity for a social media redesign to enhance engagement with its audience. The current online presence lacked design cohesion and fell short of effectively highlighting the full range of its educational programs and initiatives.


A creative consultation allowed us to figure out what the organization's goals were and how they envisioned their social media presence. Once we nailed down how we would make social media work for them, we set up Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track our performance and measure our growth.

We initiated a new social media strategy for OHSAI, which involved the establishment of a content calendar to ensure consistent and appropriate posting frequency. This consistency led to a robust online presence across their social media platforms. Our approach focused on delivering high-quality content to build trust and portray all Ohio Head Start centers accurately while offering valuable information to community advocates and program centers. Additionally, we implemented engaging captions to foster conversations, optimized posting structures for broader reach, and managed responses actively, resulting in the expansion of OHSAI's reach to wider and more diverse audiences.

We practiced a cycle of continuous improvement by engaging in regular review sessions with OHSAI every quarter, where we analyzed our social media analytics against the initial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Our emphasis on transparency allowed us to present new ideas and identify areas for enhancement, ensuring that each report offered meaningful insights. These quarterly check-ins provided OHSAI with a clear understanding of their social media progress while entrusting us with their online presence management, enabling them to pursue their mission with assurance.

With a solid social media presence established, the next step was to elevate the OHSAI brand to align with its growing attention. As a respected information source within the Head Start community and a trusted voice acknowledged by the National Head Start Association and the Office of Head Start in D.C., the quality of OHSAI's content deserved a coherent brand identity. Beginning with a visual revamp in 2022, the organization gradually transitioned to a new look that culminated in a brand redesign in 2023, resonating positively with its audience and giving social media some spark.


Building trust is important online and IRL (in real life)! We were able to help OHSAI grow its online presence and become one of the most trusted names in the Head Start community across the nation by earning their trust through our transparency and insight tracking. Over time, that trust led to one of the best branding decisions in OHSAI history. When one area has some spark, the entire organization will shine with Spark Space Creative!

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