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Updated: Aug 31

Case Study: Black River Systems Company’s sales sheets

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Create a cohesive and impactful set of sales materials for Black River Systems Company to enhance the company's brand image and improve the effectiveness of their sales efforts.


Black River Systems Company, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, recognized the need to revamp their sales collateral to better engage with their target audience. The existing materials lacked consistency in design and failed to effectively showcase the breadth of the company's offerings.


Conducted a thorough analysis of the company's current sales collateral we researched industry best practices and trends in sales material design.

Developed a concept that centered around a modern and sleek design to align with the company's brand identity. After designing six sales sheets, we created a presentation folder that served as the main container for the sales sheets.

Presented the initial design concepts to stakeholders for feedback and suggestions and incorporated feedback to refine the designs, ensuring they effectively conveyed the intended messages.

Once approved, worked with our printing vendor to produce high-quality folders and sales sheets.


The revamped sales collateral successfully transformed the way Black River Systems Company presented itself to potential clients. The cohesive design and well-structured content improved the overall impression of the company's professionalism and capabilities with powerful print collateral. The folder provided a convenient and organized way to deliver tailored sales sheets to clients.

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